We love all things digital. Together with clients, we have built industry disrupting new mobile apps, financial applications that trade billions, complex backend systems that manage millions in inventory, Apple TV channels, and rapidly scaling e-commerce properties. Bottom line, we help clients bring about never before heard of business models to life on the web.

iOS / Android Apps

Whether it is a new app for the iPhone, iPad or Android, we’ve helped clients bring to life some of the most popular apps in the world. We love to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends, and our projects have won awards such as “Best New App” from Apple.

Web Applications / Bespoke E-Commerce

The next great frontier, we love pushing the boundaries of what we can create within a browser. Having built web applications for inventory management, fashion, e­-commerce, hedge funds and so much more, we have experience with the latest web technology and bring what we’ve learnt from one industry into another.

360° Development Team Scaling

Sometimes, it’s not about a new product, but about scaling a team with world class talent, fast. We help clients scale up while implementing engineering best practices and taking advantage of our in­house tools and knowledge. Our clients have successfully scaled up with us to hit critical product launches, handle growth or segment out difficult challenges where we have world class expertise.

Backend / Cloud

The cloud is amazing and we’ve built some mind blowing projects. Ranging from automated systems making stock predictions from what people are saying on Twitter to telemedicine solutions used by soldiers across the globe. The power of the cloud and big data is awe inspiring and one of our favorite places to create and tinker.

Apple TV / Virtual Reality

OTT media delivery and virtual reality are the next generation of media consumption. Our team has built and shipped Apple TV apps, comprehensive channel management technology and virtual reality applications that interact with hardware on the forefront of technology, such as Google Glass and Oculus VR.

Design / Branding

Unlike your typical technology organization, we do all of our own design in­house, ranging from UX to branding. We believe in being a one stop shop for our clients and our design work regularly wins agency level awards.

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