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Our care for developing mastery extends beyond technical skills We provide unique training to gain skills in leadership, coordinating actions with others, focused on developing expertise in remote work.

1. We are all 100% Remote

We are a remote-first company, and we want to work with people where working remotely is important to them for some reason. Maybe you want the freedom to build an exciting new career, or be there when your baby takes their first steps, or to move to a sunnier climate where you can surf and hike. We have got your back!

So you found Clevertech and you are thinking about applying. Likely because we are 100% remote and have been since we started 20 years ago. And perhaps you also want to use the latest professional tools surrounded by experienced developers to grow your skills?

2. Go the extra mile

We are looking for people who have ambition, smarts, and grit, who are choosing the freedom to create and achieve significant accomplishments.

Being in the consulting business means that our clients are coming to us as experts. So you have to be an expert! You have to be willing to make a professional commitment to our company and our clients. It might mean fighting to keep up with the latest trends in the industry, sacrificing a bit of time when things are busy, or going that extra mile to make sure our clients have the best possible experience.

3. Communication. But really. Communication.

Show us that you know how to communicate, especially when working remotely. Is your writing clear? Do you have a blog? Are you a visual artist, and do you create clear site maps? Are you a video editor that can communicate with video and audio?

We are always working on better ways to coordinate with one another, and working on a shared language is one of the secrets at Clevertech.

4. Training

At Clevertech, we build people first, and then software. When it comes to our internal courses and training, we don't follow the conventional path, and you can't expect to learn via videos or books. We believe that the only way to build a skill is via practice. And we create a space where you can actively train in the skills of coordination with others.

Are you ready to commit? We’re sharing our hiring process with you because we believe in transparency, and want you to enjoy getting to know our team.

Step 1: Applying with Clevertech

We’ve made this a simple process that doesn’t require a resume or cover letter. We honestly just want to get to you. Here are some questions we ask in our online application:

  • Where can we learn more about you?
  • What technology are you great with?
  • What are some impressive work accomplishments?
  • Why is remote important to you?
  • What are your salary requirements, and when can you start?
  • Another important one is, what flexibility do you have to work in EST/PST time zones?

We are enthusiastic about having this barbell-like approach. Freedom and Mastery. Freedom of location, flexibility with time to take care of your other concerns in life. Opportunities for you to gain mastery while achieving significant accomplishments for ambitious clients. And we acknowledge the tension between the two and declare our level of care for the client and the developer at a high standard.

Technical Skills Assessment If your application stands out to us and we see a good fit through the information you’ve provided us, we’ll be sending you a technical skills assessment.

It’s important for us to have a deeper understanding of your real-world technical abilities so we can ensure we’re providing the highest quality of work on each and every project. Our team is stacked with talented programmers that are excited to talk about their projects - both professional experiences and skilled hobbies - we want you, and them, to thrive working alongside each other.

Just what you know Our technical assessment mimics a real-world coding task and won't take more than 2 hours to complete. There are no whiteboards, no tricks, no brain teasers! If you have worked with the technology regularly, you will be able to ace the assessment, and show us where you shine!

Step 2: Interview with our Talent team

During your first interview, we want you to be prepared to showcase your best self! To set yourself up for success, educate yourself on What We Do, How We Work, Who We Are, and HIGH FIVE, you’ve already started off on the right foot by reading this blog!

You can expect to hear questions like:

- You’re looking for a new company, what drew you to Clevertech in particular? Be honest with us! Let’s start this journey off with 100% transparency - it’s best for both parties if we’re honest about our motivations and aspirations to ensure we’re a great match. We want you to be happy for years to come. And why wouldn’t you be if it’s a true match?

At Clevertech, the products you’ll be building will impact the entire tech industry moving forward, make an impact on real users lives (millions of them, btw), and challenge you with growth opportunities that can’t be matched.

- What have you been doing (professionally) for the last few years?

Our application is not your average application - when we ask “where can we learn more about you?”, this is your time to drop all your links! What do we want to hear about? Tell us about your difficult to achieve accomplishments. Share the story of what made them hard, where you were challenged and how you succeeded.

- Tech Stack?

One of the most exciting joys of working at Clevertech is that you’ll have the opportunity to use the right tools for the job. We want to hear what you’re strongest in, what you’ve dabbled in/used on personal projects, and what you’re interested in learning in the future. This information helps us determine your best fit within the organization!

This is a two-sided conversation! We’ll have plenty of questions to ask you, but please come prepared with a few of your own. We want you to leave this interview feeling confident in your understanding of what it’s like to be a CleverPerson, the opportunity you’re being considered for, and anything else that is highly important to you in your search for your next career home.

Step 3: Interview with Kuty

Kuty is our CEO. He’ll dive more into your background, ask more technical questions, and get a better understanding of who you are.

Before talking with Kuty, we highly recommend watching this series of videos. We put together FAQ’s on Clevertech for you to have a better idea and keep you feeling informed during your interview process.

Step 4: Optional Final interview with Michael

Michael is our President, and you’ll be doing this optional interview via phone. Michael will ask a series of his own technical questions, learning more about you, and will also confirm any outstanding questions. Michael is working with clients all the time, the pace of this interview will match that pace! Be prepared to be on your toes!

It’s important for us to keep you in the loop during the interview process. No matter what, we’ll always maintain communication with you. We know applying, interviewing, and taking technical assessments are time consuming and we appreciate it.

Even more interested in applying with Clevertech? Check out our open roles!


Want to peak into our daily work? Our coaches recount real world situations shared as learning opportunities to build soft skills. We share frameworks, podcasts and thinking tools for sr software developers.

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