How to Spend More Time in the Creative Flow

Design expert, Dan Mall, teaches Clevertech the secret to spending more time in the creative flow.
Clevertech truly appreciates our designers and their contribution to our teams. Because of that, during the month of September, it was important that we bring in a master of the design industry who could add tremendous value and inspire our team as a whole, while also specifically highlighting the importance of what designers do. Designers are an important piece of the puzzle for any tech solutions team. They not only make applications and websites aesthetic, they also contribute to the usability and how a consumer feels while using the product.

A few weeks ago we sought to answer that question by bringing in an expert, Dan Mall. Dan Mall, designer who came to talk to the employees at Clevertech about how to maximize their potential with design systems. He talked about how to create them, use them to your advantage, and get your colleagues to integrate it into their daily operations.

A design system is a tool to help the designer become more efficient and effective in their work.

It should help you work faster and better with your team -- and more importantly, have fun! Designers and developers are often reinventing the wheel. Dan Mall explained how to get the tedious work out of the way using design systems. How much time do you want to dedicate to that button, form, or the other dry aspects of a project? Design systems can take care of the boring so you can focus on the fun, exciting and meaningful aspects. Design systems free you up so you can focus on user needs, create a really outstanding product, and spend more time in the creative flow.


How do you pitch using a design system?

Don’t use the word design system! Tie the design system effort to a high-priority roadmap item. Build the product first and then get the design system as an output. The product already has buy-in from everyone, from there you just try it on the product. In the end the real prize is shipping solid work that customers get value out of and use! It looks like the future for design work is pointing designers in the direction of creating effective and usable products with more freedom, flexibility and impact.


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