Video Content Creator

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What we're working on:

Do you have an on camera presence, love to keep up with social media trends and also have an interest/knowledge in the tech industry? We made this role for you.

Sitting on the brand team, this position possesses highly collaborative skills, with a keen eye for quality creative.

Known as a people person, this role will brainstorm with the creative team, consult with the copywriter and shoot all footage used on our social channels.


  • Experience filming on a phone camera, basic DSLR and other self-filming tools (ring light, tripod, gimble etc)
  • Ability to adapt to changes on the fly
  • English fluency, verbal and written
  • Passionate about digital storytelling with fantastic communication skills to match
  • Comfortable on camera or behind a microphone with a proven track record for digital storytelling
  • Proficiency in content creation on TikTok and other social media platforms.
  • Comfortable in front of a camera (public speaking or hosting experience is a bonus).
  • Must have experience in creating and editing videos, for personal or professional purposes.
  • Must have a passion for creating creative and engaging content.
  • Up to date with the latest trends

Details of the Role

On camera presence: Comfortable speaking on camera, showing enthusiasm, varied emotions, and ‘acting’ in a natural way that social media benefits from. We tend to lean to ‘inspirational talking head’ videos.

Social Media Trends: Everything from stitches, podcast style videos and comedic reactions to sounds.

Interest/Knowledge in Tech: We are a team of over 600 software developers, your videos are meant to represent a day in the life of one of our developers, so having general knowledge of the language, interests, inside jokes and mindset of a developer will help. (This doesn’t need to mean you are a software developer by training, but someone may mistake you for one.)

Most of the videos will be shot in an ‘office setting’ and although we hope you have one you are proud of, we can help get you setup with something interesting to the viewer and represents CleverTech best.

Why Clevertech is an amazing place to work at

At Clevertech, you can expect that you will: Work within a creative team that has no boundaries to problem-solving Be constantly evolving with the team to different platforms Work on projects that allow you to use your creative problem-solving, and ideation

The result? We produce meaningful work and we are truly proud and excited to be creating waves in an industry under transformation.

CleverFit Traits

You are comfortable with ambiguity and change, flexible with ideas, and are able to set priorities in a changing environment
You communicate with colleagues and clients effectively
You are reliable to your colleagues and are able to give constructive feedback to your team members to help them improve
Consulting Expertise
You are a solutions-oriented expert with a client first mindset and demonstrate excellent service to build trust with clients
You are punctual and responsive, and show up as a polished remote professional (zoom background, distraction-free space, good functioning equipment, adequate lighting)
You know when to take charge and when to follow, you are proactive on client concerns and needs. You display good judgement and are able to make tough decisions. You are also willing to tell hard truths and give constructive feedback
Growth Mindset
You actively seek opportunities to continuously improve
You approach work with genuine care and are a delight to work with
You thrive in a fast paced environment and can deliver quality work quickly and with grace

Benefits of joining the Clevertech team

We know that people do their best work when they’re taken care of. So we make sure to offer great benefits:

Competitive Salaries
1 Month Paid Time Off For You
Personal Development Fund
Tenure-Based Rewards
Flexible Family Leave
Clevertech University
Clevertech Gives Back
Amazing Culture & Strong Community

Getting Hired

Our team is made up of people that are not only from different countries, but also from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Our focus on employing respectful, introspective and collaborative talent is what powers our company and our success.

Interview Process

Interested in exploring your future in this role and Clevertech? Set yourself up for success and take a look at our Interview Process before getting started!

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Life at Clevertech

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