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Clevertech seeks software professionals who are enthusiastic about working on high-performing teams alongside other senior programmers and cutting-edge technologies. Clevertech is a prominent consultant with over 20 years of remote experience. We are on a quest to provide revolutionary digital solutions for the world's most inventive enterprises. Your contribution as a Freelance Business Analyst would be important to the project's success and fulfilling of expectations.


  • You have a track experience of developing effective software, preferably as part of a collaborative team in a consulting firm.
  • You take a practical approach to the day-to-day job of storywriting and delivery, and you can draw a straight line from an overarching client strategy to the outputs of your team.
  • You love determining the fundamental cause(s) of a client's problems, verifying a business opportunity or challenge, and collaborating to provide a solution.
  • You understand how businesses work and have modeling expertise using a number of tools and methodologies.
  • You have a true enthusiasm for high-quality software and the ability to get from concept to code.
  • You excel at prioritizing, garnering stakeholder buy-in, and resolving issues as they emerge.
  • You are robust and adaptable in confusing situations, and you like tackling challenges from both a technical and business standpoint.
  • Knowledgeable with Financial Terms.


  • Detail-oriented.
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving.
  • English Native.


  • Business processes must be documented.
  • Define edge situations and promote discussions to establish meaningful distinctions.
  • You'll be part of agile teams that deliver organizational transformations for medium- and large-sized enterprises.
  • You will be the point of contact between the client and a team of SMEs, C-suite executives, Experience Designers, Product Managers, Consultant Developers, and QAs.
  • Collaborate with others to analyze and create complicated business applications utilizing cutting-edge technology.

The Elevation Package

You will unlock $1,500 per year to use toward activities and gear

that help you stay energized and always growing.

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How to Become a CleverTechy

Step 1: Applying with Clevertech

We’ve made this a simple process that doesn’t require a resume or cover letter. We honestly just want to get to you.

Step 2: Interview with our Talent team

This is a two-sided conversation! We’ll have plenty of questions to ask you, but please come prepared with a few of your own. We want you to leave this interview feeling confident in your understanding of what it’s like to be a CleverPerson, the opportunity you’re being considered for, and anything else that is highly important to you in your search for your next career home.

Step 3: Technical assessment

If your profile stands out to us and we see a good fit through the information you’ve provided, we’ll send you a technical skills assessment. Our technical assessment mimics a real-world coding task and won't take more than 2 hours to complete. There are no whiteboards, no tricks, no brain teasers! If you have worked with the technology regularly, you will be able to ace the assessment and show us where you shine!

Step 4: Interview with our Tech team

During your second interview, a Sr Developer will deep dive into your background and ask more technical questions to get a better understanding of you and your experience.

Read more about interviewing with Clevertech here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a position at Clevertech?

Apply online, here!

Were you contacted for a job via Facebook?

To maintain the integrity of our application and recruitment process, we only accept applications directly through the Clevertech web site. We do not recruit or request protected personal information through Facebook. If you are contacted through social media by someone claiming to be a Clevertech employee, make sure it’s using our official email address. We invite you to apply to any of our current job openings here.

How can I talk to somebody about collaborating on a project?

Send us an email, here.

Who can I speak with about having Clevertech supply a speaker for my event?

Send us an email, here.

Will Clevertech support my open source project?

Possibly, click here, and fill out the form with your proposal! If it is something we can support, we will be in touch.

Help! I used to be a client, and have a question about some code from a long time ago.

Send us an email, here.

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