Custom Software Development

Not every company needs a custom software solution. Yours might not.

But if you're seeking to establish a profitable market position by turning the normal way of doing things upside down, no off-the-shelf solution will make that possible for you like custom software.

In every industry, having the right software creates the difference between success and failure.

You really can work smarter, not harder – in today's business world that means having the right software customized for your business and available for your team.

For the right company, custom software is valuable intellectual property. It's what sets you apart, and it's what your customers are willing to pay a premium for. Our custom software service creates, enhances, and protects your company's marginal utility—establishing its unique market position.

Whether you are looking to leverage our custom software development solutions to jumpstart a project or build a brand new custom application to meet your business needs, Clevertech will offer the expertise and quality to meet all your project requirements and differentiate your business in any competitive environment.

At every stage of the MVP development process, from design to product release, we maintain the highest quality standards of the Agile practices.

We can cut a lot of time from data entry tasks, eliminate waste and improve efficiency by using our custom software development services.

Simply put, our software creates value. And it's well worth the investment.


Our custom software development services rely on an agile methodology built around the delivery of a Minimum Viable Product, or MVP. An MVP is not a complex solution that solves all your business problems. It's the solution you need right now—the fastest way to eliminate your company's most pressing challenges.

We talk with your end-users to fully understand your business—and develop targeted solutions that dramatically improve performance. Here's how an MVP can help your business.

It lets you test your product. Our custom software development company will get your MVP up and running fast, and we'll analyze how it performs. Once we get the data, we'll fine-tune and iterate on top of your existing solution—to continuously improve your company's performance.

It makes you flexible in a changing marketplace. Because you're not heavily invested in one complex solution, you can adjust your software quickly to respond to new advances in technology and market conditions—faster than your competitors can.

It goes up fast. Another custom software development company might take years to deliver on a complex project. Not us. Our extensive library of source code makes our development process fast, agile, and dependable. Your custom software could be up, running, and getting results in as little as 30 days.

Your costs are more predictable. With us, your software development costs won't spiral out of control. Because each MVP we deliver is a small and manageable project, you have a more accurate cost estimate—and a better ability to control expenses.

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What actually our offer is?

Our offer is an investment in your business, and our offer is to make you money - it is designed to make you more money than it costs.

We organize around creating more value than the cost of the custom software development services we provide.

We use the latest Lean Agile development guidelines to eliminate waste and improve speed in order to allow you to test marketplace assumptions and customer interactions with our software.

We have a background in the language of business and find opportunities to improve your business using the newest technology.

We move fast and have the needed technology practices to move quickly with 30-90 day minimum viable products.


  • web applications development all software components are designed and integrated by our custom software developers and we certainly know how to successfully set them up.
  • mobile applications development as business is quickly moving to mobile, we are ready to make your business mobilized.
  • enterprise applications development our highly professional business analysts and architects are ready to deliver you a flexible and scalable solution carried out and customized using the newest technologies in this domain. Successful enterprise-level custom development is ensured by our expertise and Lean software development methodolog.
  • business and requirement analysis
  • application design, architecture development and implementation
  • application testing, maintenance and continuous improvement
  • integration of custom applications with software systems
  • re-design, re-engineering and performance tuning user-friendly interfaces, rich functionality, scalability and speed characterize any tailored application we develop.

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