Working From Home With Kids: A Father’s POV

I never thought remote work was an option for me. I often read about people working remotely and heard about friends leaving their office jobs to work from home… but I never thought I could do it.

A Father's POV
Why? Mainly my financial responsibilities — a mortgage and a growing family with 1-year old twins — and the idea that I may not have an appropriate setup to work from home. Then one day, after numerous discussions with my wife and some number crunching, I took the leap. Now here I am, a remote worker with Clevertech.

There is no doubt that my work is professionally rewarding and that there are lots of benefits to working remotely. I no longer have to commute, giving me back 2 hours of my day. I have more flexibility and freedom (I can run errands during the week or simply start working earlier so I can finish earlier). But the best part of working remotely is that I get to see my 1-year old twins a lotmore. I am present for a lot more of their “firsts” and I am watching them grow. Looking back at my office days, I cannot believe how much I must have missed just by not being there.

Remote work has also improved my wife’s day-to-day life. Before I quit my office job, she was pretty much stuck at home all day. It was very difficult for her to run a quick errand or even take the kids out. Now, she can leave the house during the kids’ nap, knowing that I’m home with them. I can help her take the kids down (there’s no elevator in our building) so that they can go to the park or to her parents’ place to enjoy the pool. I can help feed the kids in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. I get to be a dad!

However, it’s no surprise that working from home with kids can be challenging. I had to make a few changes to my office and establish some rules so that I can be productive — after all, I’m getting paid to produce code, not be a dad.

Some tips I’ve learned for working from home with kids:

- This is an obvious one but set up your office in a room as far away as possible from the play area.

- Get a really good pair of headphones to block all distractions.

- Establish rules so that the family knows when you are available to help and when you cannot be distracted at all.

- Avoid trips outside of your office by preparing anything you may need in advance. For instance, in the morning, I have my coffee, a water bottle, and a snack ready on my desk so that I do not have to leave my office until lunch.

- Get as much work done as possible while the kids are napping.

The bottom line
I can see my wife and kids more often; my kids can participate in more activities and go out more; my wife has more flexibility and a little more help with the kids; and, my dog is happier since she spends most of the day with me in my office. Living life as a Clevertech remote worker has not only improved my situation, but my whole family’s situation.


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