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Welcome to Life Unbound

Clevetech's 100% remote community allows developers to architect their lives in limitless ways. Remote work can be a dream come true, but the reality is that it requires planning, discipline and inspiration.

We encourage Clevertechians to make the most of the freedom that comes with remote work. It's not always that easy, but we have a growing community ready to inspire, lead, and motivate you to explore the potential that comes with living unbound. Are you ready to unleash your life?

First Hard, Then Easy

Building up the courage to make the decision to travel while working - that's hard. Packing to embark into the unknown - difficult. Thinking about finding a good internet connection in new places, planning and making bus connections, and organizing travel arrangements on the go - grueling. All that was hard 5 months ago.

Today, Vinicius and his fiancee make seamless decisions on where to go and what to do. They have created memories of a lifetime and developed the skills to approach new challenges with confidence! Vini's key takeaways are to communicate with your team, be prepared for things to go wrong, and learn as you go. Vini is still traveling through Brazil and delivering high-quality work to his client. We look forward to more updates, tips, and inspiring photos.

Home Is Where It's At

People are forced to move to big cities for job opportunities all the time.

Miquel, a senior software developer was one of those people, he did what everyone else did. He moved away from his beautiful home on the island of Mallorca in Spain in pursuit of a great career. Unfortunately, jobs in Mallorca are limited so the option of moving back was not available until Miquel started working for Clevertech.

Now, Miquel is where he wants to be alongside the people that are important to him while working with a dynamic and cutting-edge client that challenges him. You can say that Miquel had his cake and ate it too.

Just Go!

When Lesleigh, Clevertech's culture specialist who lives in Turin, Italy received a call back in March 2021 that her daughter's school would close again due to Covid she and her husband had to think creatively. What in the world would they do with the children inside a crowded city during a lockdown!?

Over a weekend she and her husband packed the car with the family and took a ferry to a small island named Sardinia to stay in their family cottage. It was not easy packing for an undefined trip with two kids. It was not easy finding a babysitter and organizing two work schedules. It was not easy living in a summer house without heat during a particularly cold spring.

Eventually, it became easy and their hard work paid off. Their location in Sardinia allowed more freedom than a tight city in lockdown. The kids were able to play outside happily, she and her husband were able to enjoy the wonderful island views, and they all were able to create lifelong family memories.

Are you in a space where you feel bound? When will you break free? Change is tough and new journeys will always be challenging, but in the end, the payoff is worth it!


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