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Are you watching the clock at work and desperate to get out? What are you daydreaming about doing? At Clevertech we are location-independent with people in more than 20 different countries. We leverage technology and our healthy remote culture to live as unbound individuals with the ability to curate lives that transcend the ordinary. So, what do we do with our freedom?

The Travel Bug

Leonardo Z, a senior UX/UI designer wanted to start traveling in 2021 and not just for a few weeks. Leonardo was able to travel for months and slowly go from place to place all while working remotely and financially support his family. He visited the majestic mountains in Peru, the crystal clear and white sand beaches of Playa del Carmen, and the wonderful city of Tulum in Mexico. He enjoyed some delicious Butterbeer at Universal Orlando and explored the famous Ocean Drive in Miami. He also watched beautiful sunsets in both San Diego and Los Angeles, California. Leonardo discovered beautiful places and fun activities in Milan, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Krakow, and Warsaw - just to name a few.

Traveling was not easy. It required planning, money, patience but most importantly, the flexibility, autonomy and freedom that he could only find at Clevertech. He says these have been the best 6 months of his career so far and is looking forward to traveling around Latin America and Asia in the upcoming months.

A New Canadian Citizen

Jef R, senior software developer originally from Brazil now has Canadian citizenship. After studying in Canada for a few years, he returned to Brazil to be with his family. In order to complete the citizenship process he needed to go back to Canada for an extended period of time.

When he took a position at Clevertech he knew he would be able to accomplish this goal without sacrificing his career or his financial stability. Jef had to take care the logistical details such as paper work, flights, and packing for his move, but what he didn’t have to worry about was work because he can take his work and deliver from anywhere! He took 1 PTO day to move from Brazil to Canada and has recently taken a few more days off to explore the mountains around Vancouver.

From Bom Dia to Buongiorno

Willian S is a Javascript Engineer took 2 vacation days to move from Brazil with his wife back to her hometown in Northern Italy. Willian is already enjoying the sweet Italian delicacies. The move was exhausting, the preparation was time consuming, but Willian says it was all worth it to get back to Italy. Luckily though, he didn't have to worry about his job. Italy is a popular place probably due to its world famous cuisine, but also some financial incentives have made it an appealing place.

Where in the World is Tibor?

Tibor L. is easy to catch on Slack interacting with his team on the designs for the client, it is harder to figure out exactly where he is in the world. Tibor and his partner consistently travel all around the world together. Most recently they were in the desserts of Dubai and the animal parks in Tanzania. It is so inspiring to see new pictures from Tibor in the #general channel. You never know where he'll be next!

Clevertechians throughout our organization have transitioned from waiting for an escape to building a life they don't want to escape from. Below are linked references to some financial and lifestyle incentives that have helped our colleagues embrace the unbound lifestyle.

Are you in a space where you feel bound? When will you break free?


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