How Does Clevertech Make Remote "Work"?

By the power of 6 hours.

When interviewing with Clevertech, one of our first questions we ask is “Are you able to work a 6 hour overlap with EST?” Most people say yes, some say no, but everyone always asks why. The why for us is important, the 3 main reasons are working on a world class professional team, company culture, and being #responsibleremote.

Consistency is 🔑

From clients to co-workers, being able to communicate in real-time during that 6 hour overlap eases any reservations anyone may have about working with a remote team. For Clevertech, we don’t sell scope here, we sell milestones, and milestones are more successful when everyone is on the same page. Successful products come from teams that work fluidly together - both internally with your colleagues and externally with your clients.

With this consistency in communication, everyone is always on the same page and can collaborate for change or push forward in real-time which prompts in-the-moment innovation.If you haven’t caught on, we move fast here, which means the 6 hour overlap really promotes forward momentum for our teams.

Culture 👥

We get it, being remote can sometimes feel isolating. No matter if you’re the vagabond worker that’s country-hopping, the mom who works from home, or if you’re just trying to avoid your city’s rush hour commute. We pride ourselves in our culture and community at Clevertech, and the 6 hour overlap we get to connect over. Our #general Slack channel is always filled with good morning’s and our lifestyle channels are always busy with people talking about what they love most.Staying connected and meeting new co-workers is really important to us. Every other week we have coffee buddies powered by the Donut app to keep us learning more about our team members.

We use #PhotoFridays (themed friday photos) to keep our #general channel personal, and filled with adventures, family photos, or a shameless humble brag.

None of these organic and amazing conversations with coworkers would be possible without that 6 hour overlap.


At Clevertech we put a huge focus on being responsibly remote. This means making sure you show up for your standups, work a full day, and be a good teammate and co-worker. Clevertech isn’t the company you can just work when you want (hence the 6 hour overlap), and we’re proud of that. We’re excited that this is somewhere you can truly grow in your career, work on innovative projects, and thrive.

We hope this helped you understand why the 6 hour overlap is important to us.

If you’d like to find out more about our culture at Clevertech and current job openings, check out our YouTube channel and visit We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, tweet us @Clevertech!


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