How Remote Work Helped Me Move Across The World

Our Clevertech team is filled with movers and shakers. Today we’re highlighting the movers, and how being remote has helped our team move across the world, country, and even across the street.

We asked our team 5 questions about their moves, and some of them even included photos. No packing tape required on this moving journey!
My name is Christine Lisette Pohland and I work on the HR side of Clevertech focusing on Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement. I am currently based in Prague, CZ.
Christine Lisette Pohland
My name is Emily Christensen and I am an Executive Assistant based in Eastern Kentucky.
Emily Christensen
I'm Lucas Keller, nowadays at Clevertech I'm working mainly as a Javascript Developer, and I recently moved to a city called Viamão in the south of Brazil.
Lucas Keller
My name is Alberto Gimeno. I'm Head of Developer Tools at Clevertech. I'm currently based in Spain. I've been working for Clevertech for more than 4 years so far.
Alberto Gimeno
My name is Michelle Mcfarland and I am the VP of Project Operations at Clevertech. I work closely with our clients and project teams as well as general operations at CT! I currently live in Connecticut with my husband and son.
Michelle McFarland
My name is Timur Ridjanovic, I'm a Full Stack Engineer at Clevertech and I'm currently based in Quebec, Canada.
Timur Ridjanovic
 Where have you moved while working with Clevertech?  
CP: While I have been working with Clevertech I moved from the United States to Prague, CZ. This included a road trip to see family/friends before our big departure at the end of May (I mean come on, what other company would allow you to do that!).

MM: When I first joined Clevertech, I was living in Rochester, NY. My husband was finishing school and we had to travel every few months to complete his training in different States. Since we are originally from Canada, I also had the flexibility to return "home" to visit family and friends while my husband was between training rotations. So from Atlanta, we went to Canada for a few months before heading back to the States to finish his training in Baltimore, MD, Miami & Fort Lauderdale, FL, NYC and finally wrapping up in Cape Code, MA. From there we spend more time in Canada before settling down in Connecticut where my husbands job has taken us.

TR:  I used to live in New York, where I've previously worked for American Express and IBM Studios. During that time, working remotely was just a fantasy. When it actually happened, it didn't make sense for me to stay in such an expensive city, so I moved back to my hometown Quebec city.

EC: My husband and I moved from Minneapolis, MN to Eastern Kentucky where he will be attending medical school.

LK:  I moved 3 times while I'm at Clevertech, 2 times in the same city the capital of my state, and now I decided move to the countryside.

AG:  I applied, interviewed and started working for Clevertech during a short period of time in Spain, but at that time I was living in the US. After a few months I moved back to Spain, to my hometown (Zaragoza). But then, after a few months my wife and I decided to move to Barcelona where we stayed one year. After that, we moved back to our hometown and we have bought a house and had a baby :)   
How has being remote help or empower your move?
CP: Being remote has provided the freedom to move across the world and experience the work/life balance everyone wants and always is striving for!

MM: Working remotely has allowed me to be with my husband while he completed his training.

TR: It was really great to move to another country but still keep the same job. It alleviated a lot of stress.Not every talented engineer wants to live in the main tech hubs across the country: California, New York, Seattle. I think that companies who are open to hiring remote engineers will have a competitive advantage in the recruiting process. I personally really appreciate the freedom and flexibility it provides me.  

EC: During any move whether local or otherwise, there is always the possibility of complications with your timeline. Remote work allowed me the flexibility to work where I was without having to take time off because I could not be in a specific geographic location at a specific time.

LK: Without working remote, I couldn't move to countryside since all best job opportunities are located in the big cities near my new town.

AG: t's been great to have the ability to support my wife. All our movings were because she wanted to study at different universities and I was able to do that without interrupting my work even a single day.
What was the hardest thing about moving? Do you feel like Clevertech gave you a sense of community during your move?   
CP: The toughest part about moving is leaving family and friends (and this time learning the language). However, with CT you know everyone supports you and also give you a platform to talk about all the exciting new things you are experiencing.

MM: The hardest thing about moving for us was finding short-term rentals that allowed pets! It always worked out and thankfully, we don't have any horror stories of showing up to a rental that didn't exist. Clevertech definitely gave me a sense of community while traveling. Many people would ask about our travels and provide recommendations along our journey.

TR: The hardest thing about the move was giving away all my furniture, as it wasn't worth it to bring everything back to Canada. Fortunately, I already knew a few Clevertech people who live in Montreal or Quebec, so it was nice to be able to talk to them a bit.

EC: Packing up your life, traveling cross-country, and settling into a brand new place can be physically and mentally exhausting. The Clevertech team gave me a great sense of community, especially in hearing from others who have experienced moves not only cross-country, but overseas as well.

LK: The hardest thing in any moving for me is the hard work to get all things in the right place. Since the beginning working at Clevertech I can feel that sense of community, even more because I have great friends living near my city and in Brazil, we usually get together for a few beers.

AG: The hardest thing is always moving your stuff and finding a new place in the location you want to move to! Clevertech has been helpful because even when I changed to different time zones everybody was fine with that. You just have to have a few hours of overlaps and the client almost didn't notice.
Where would you want to move next, or are you happy where you are?
CP: If we move anywhere next outside of the U.S. it would hands down be Sweden; however, if/when we return to the U.S. it will probably be on the East Coast somewhere, maybe near the beaches in North Carolina.

MM:  I can't think of moving again right now! I love where we are and am happy not to be living out of suitcases and a pickup truck!

TR:  I'm happy where I am, but perhaps one day I'll try the whole digital nomad thing for a few months.  

EC: I would love to experience living in the Pacific Northwest. I have done East-coast , Midwest, and now the South so would love the change of scenery out that way.

LK: For now I'm happy in this place, the city is more peaceful.

AG: I'm happy where I am right now. I even bought a house and now I like the support of my parents and my wife's parents to take care of my kid. So I don't have plans for moving again. But I know that I could if I wanted to.  
Where do you currently work from? (could be your kitchen, office, outside, etc)
CP: I move from area to area of our home during the day, I'm not much of a "desk" person. Here is my favorite work spot at our new place...imagine ending the workday with this view!

MM: I currently work from my kitchen as I have been very picky deciding on my office set up. However, my husband just build me a desk so I can't wait to find the perfect chair - I just hope it doesn't take me as long as the process has thus far!

TR: I work from my office or from a working space

EC: I have a lovely home office that overlooks the mountains!

LK:  I have a winter room that I took and turned it into an office for my girlfriend and I!

AG: I work in a shared office in the mornings, close to the kindergarten, and at home in the afternoons / evenings
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