Family Matters: The Benefits Of Working From Home

Everybody’s goal is to achieve the perfect work/life balance.

It's all mixed together
There are many articles about how to obtain this balance (as if the word “work” is something bad) but there is no such thing; it’s all mixed together. For me, the best way to really feel like you are living, not just working, is through working from home, which provides so many benefits.
The Benefits of Working From Home
Working with Clevertech is not only amazing because of the people, but also because of the awesome flexibility I get with working from home. This flexibility and openness gives me an incredible boost in my productivity and happiness. I really get to take advantage of my programming flow periods and take reinvigorating breaks (like walking and swimming) when I need to. This improves the work that I do and is definitely something that couldn’t be done with a traditional job.

I mean, where else would I be able to blast some loud electronic dance music and start coding?

But most importantly, I get to spend time with my mother.
The Added Family Benefit
With a traditional job, the commute alone would prevent me from being able to visit her; but with Clevertech, I’m able to go to her house and have lunch with her as much as possible.

This is important to me because as an elder, my mother really needs her family close to her. It improves her health and quality of life - and it also makes me happy and satisfied knowing that I can be there for her (and for the rest of my family) whenever I am needed. Our familial relationships are improved because we are able to support each other, through good times and bad times. 
Working with Clevertech as a remote developer means I don’t have to sacrifice my work or family; I can work from my mother’s house and provide a comforting presence while also producing great quality code. There is no better work/life - and family - balance than that.

To learn more about how you can enjoy life as a Clevertech Remote Worker, visit our careers page.


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