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Do you want to be the driver or do you want to be driven? The foundation of freedom is the power to choose, with Clevertech you have the choice to take your life where you want.

Lucas, one of our senior stack developers is a loving father of three. He and his family lived in the booming metropolis of Curitiba, Brazil. Lucas had a secure job in IT in the public sector. Many thought he had it made - a secure job, a steady income, a nice family, an apartment in a thriving city. However, Lucas was bored with the monotony and slow pace at his previous employment and took the leap by joining Clevertech. After a few months of working at Clevertech, the pandemic spread across the globe. Suddenly, the city was less appealing to Lucas because restaurants were closed, streets were empty, they were stuck inside their apartment with nowhere to go, so they moved. They were able to move because Lucas had the freedom to make that choice. Lucas packed his job along with his furniture and his family to a new house in the countryside where the family can be outside and explore nature, more comfortable and happy during this lengthy pandemic.

Typically people are sold the idea that they need to go to large cities to gain work experience, earn money and have a thriving social life, however that model is being challenged - more choices are available thanks to remote working. There are countless people who have run through the urban gauntlet only to realize later that the rent is too high, the work unfulfilling and the social life shallow. For some the urban life is where they want to live, others scramble to find suitable alternatives to the big city without sacrificing career advancement.

At Clevertech remote is not just a way of working, it is a way of life. Ask our team why they work with Clevertech and you will get an array of responses - each person living their wild and precious life - wherever they want! Everyone has their unique reasons for living in radically different ways - some want to be closer to family, some want to build a custom home, surf everyday and others want to slow travel around the world. Freedom is having choices, Clevertech gives you that choice.

By breaking with the typical narrative for professional success these individuals live beyond the confines of societal norms. At Clevertech developers create software solutions for major clients allowing them to build their professional skills, fulfilling their creativity and professional ambitions while increasing their personal freedom. These two aspects of life, professional and personal function harmoniously to achieve great things for all involved.


Want to peak into our daily work? Our coaches recount real world situations shared as learning opportunities to build soft skills. We share frameworks, podcasts and thinking tools for sr software developers.

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We expect professionalism and client service, so we can offer a deeply caring experience for our clients. In return, you get freedom to work wherever you want. No timesheets, no big brother watching every move. We trust you to know what’s best to find the right solution.

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