The Benefits – And New Opportunities – Of Working Remotely

Remote work isn’t easy
Sometimes, it involves getting up early or staying up late. It can mean attending meetings at inconvenient hours for other members of the family or checking for time zone differences before talking with people. It is living a schedule that can be very different from the routines of most of your relatives. It means having to answer constant questions like “Why do you have to work at this hour?” or “Won’t you feel better working at an office?”

The truth is, I love it.
You Choose The Benefits When You Work Remote
I have friends who have taken the opportunity to travel around the world while they continue to work. I have other friends who have taken the opportunity to stay home with their kids. For me, personally, it has allowed me to leave my unstable home country, create a great life, and give back to those in need.

Because I work from home in a positive environment, I’m able to make breakfast every morning for my girlfriend. I’m able to walk her to work, go to the gym regularly, and still code on a schedule that fits my client and my team. Because I work with Clevertech, I’m able to improve my skills, challenge myself with new projects and client requirements, and learn from exceptional developers from all over the world. This is the definition of a great life.

Remote work has given me the opportunity to not only live a successful life free from fear but to also give back to my country. Of course, I send food and medicine to those in need but I believe we can do more… not just by giving more money but also by sharing the things that bring joy to us.

Sharing New Opportunities
Right now, I have the chance to share my joy of programming with Venezuelans who may not get the chance to learn in traditional ways. My students are regular people in their mid-twenties with local jobs, no knowledge of the English language, and little money (they can barely afford food to eat each day let alone a laptop or decent internet)… but, ironically, they have smartphones. So, I’m teaching them over WhatsApp with no real plan, only this idea that if two humans have enough patience and interest, they will be able to understand each other.

Working remotely with a global team means that I have the ability to ask for help from people with a variety of experiences and skills. Whether it’s for a client or for my students, I’ve already reached out to my fellow Clevertech developers for assistance and the response has been overwhelming. Would this happen in an office setting in my home country? Probably not.

What are my chances to succeed? I don’t really know… but my students are happy with what we’ve learned together, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished professionally so far, and, most importantly, I’m living a great life. Working remotely with Clevertech helped open these doors for me… and now, the future only looks brighter.

To learn more about how you can enjoy life as a Clevertech Remote Worker, visit our careers page.


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