5 Reasons Why Clevertech Is A Great Place To Work In 2023

“CT makes me feel I'm in the right place with the right people. It's a unique culture and experience being part of this team.”

A quote from our 2022 End of the Year Survey. Over 95% of employees describe Clevertech as a great place to work. If you’re wondering what makes Clevertech such a great place to work, you’ve come to the right place.

Focus in as we dive into the reasons why people love working here.

We’re focused on freedom, mastery and purpose.

Listening to your senior managers, you will hear references to Dan Pink’s framework within our core values and standards. Dan Pink explained in his work, Drive, that freedom, mastery and purpose are what drive us.

In Clevertech that means we embrace:

  • Staying 100% remote ( been doing it since 2000)
  • Taking on technically challenging client projects
  • Hiring high performance software engineers that work independently and as part of team. These are the kind of guys you will want to be friends with.

How do we know we’re hitting the mark?

It is one thing to think you are doing well and another to know. Having measurements that are credible is important for getting the feedback we need to know we are doing well.

Our end of the year survey helps us do that. In this post, we reveal incredibly compelling results that we think reveal why you’ll want to work at Clevertech in 2023.

1. An increasing net promotion score?

While the net promoter score is typically used in marketing, we like to consider the net promotion of employees that would recommend Clevertech as a great place to work. A score of 30-69 would indicate that we have a staff that are happier than unhappy.

The formula for calculating a net promotion score involves the % promoters - % detractors = Net promotion score. In our case we use a 5 point scale on the survey. For % promoters we only count employees that score a 5 for recommending Clevertech. The % detractors is calculated by the employees that score 3 or less.

This year we scored a 76, even better than our score from 2021 {link to 2021 article}. It looks like we are getting better and better.

2. Remote work

Remote work continues to be the number one reason why people stay at Clevertech. Software engineers that choose to work at Clevertech value the freedom of working remotely. It’s no surprise that 92% agreed that they are able to arrange time out of work when they need to.

“Love working here, the balance of personal and professional work and being first remote are the things I like most at the company!”

3. Culture

This year we were delighted to see that culture became the number reason why people stay, with challenging work coming in a close third. With the support of our culture coaching team, the survey results indicate that people value the culture that Clevertech has created.

What kind of culture?

  • A culture of choosing challenging work first
  • A culture of promoting work-life balance so we can pursue our purpose.
  • A culture of engaging with intelligent and kind people on a daily basis.
  • “Thank you for all the cultural activities that make us feel part of a team. It doesn't even feel "remote"


It’s no secret that 70% of learning happens on the job. The other 30 percent comes through formal training and coaching. When you are facing challenging client work, you will definitely grow. This is the case in Clevertech. The devs that work here feel they have opportunities to grow and develop. More than 84% agree with this statement.

“Leadership training and other courses that make my work clean and more productive.”

In addition to the challenging work on the client side, Clevertech also offers internal training programs aimed at leveling up software developers. These include productivity, leadership, enneagram and group coaching programs. We also offer opportunities for learning new hard skills as well with licenses and our professional development fund (aka pdf).

5. People and teams

We spend more than one third of our lives working. Wouldn’t be nice to work with people that are fun to be around and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. At Clevertech we are surrounded by people that care about what they do, care about YOU, and encourage an environment of learning and growing with each other.

“I'm loving my job at CT thus far. It's challenging and I'm passionate about my projects. My coworkers make this job even better.”

Are you ready to join the team?

Clevertech is growing quickly and expanding our teams. Visit our careers page to join us on our journey as we take on ambitious projects with fantastic team members, and continue to bring our values of freedom, mastery and purpose to life!


Want to peek into our daily work? Our coaches recount real world situations shared as learning opportunities to build soft skills. We share frameworks, podcasts and thinking tools for sr software developers.

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    Want to peek into our daily work? Our coaches recount real world situations shared as learning opportunities to build soft skills. We share frameworks, podcasts and thinking tools for sr software developers.