5 Reasons Why Clevertech Is A Great Place To Work In 2021

Belonging. It’s a powerful driver and the essence of feeling at home. Everybody wants to work at a place where they feel a sense of belonging. Everyone wants to work at a great company. Here is how we define ‘great’ at Clevertech.

If you have ever listened to any senior member of our team talk for long, you would learn that our core values are entirely unoriginal, but still very near and dear to our hearts. What keeps us beating, and moving forward, are the values of: freedom, mastery, and purpose. Sadly, we can’t take credit for this, as it comes from one of our favorite authors here at Clevertech, Dan Pink’s framework for motivation. Dan Pink’s framework of what motivates people is freedom, mastery, and purpose.

Our unique version of that is all about:

  • Staying 100% remote (and have been since 2000)
  • Taking on ambitious (no, really really ambitious) clients with challenging technical demands
  • Hiring brilliant and kind (and to be honest, kind is more important) people you can learn from, and just as importantly, will want to be friends with.
How do we know we are delivering on these values?

It’s hard. Really hard. We think we are doing well, but can never be sure. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

At Clevertech, we emphasize the importance of measurement, so much so that in our internal training programs we study How to Measure Anything by Douglas Hubbard.

Below are the results of our end-of-year survey where we’ve capture five reasons we think Clevertech is a great place to work and hope you feel the same!

1. Net Promoter Score

Recommending your favorite people to us is the ultimate compliment. Other companies call it the Net Promoter Score.

If we only looked at one measure - this would be it. The trick is to look at only the TOP score which in our case is 68%. A score between 30-69 indicates that the company has far happier versus unhappy staff. This is a sign of trust and we are deeply grateful to see that our teammates want to encourage their friends to join and participate in what our unique culture has to offer.

2. & 3. Remote & Challenging Work

Our core values are freedom, mastery, and purpose. We were delighted to see that remote and challenging work were the top two reasons employees stay at Clevertech. This response tells us we hire people who also care about freedom (remote work) and mastery (challenging work).

4. Kind and Intelligent Colleagues

The average person spends one-third of their life at work. Why not spend it with brilliant people who care about what they do, care about YOU, can teach you something new, and are experts in their craft?

5. Growth

There is a special satisfaction that comes from performing in a demanding environment with a group of helpful, kind, and talented people. Just this year, one of our clients won an Emmy in technical achievement for the software that our team built over the last few years. We don’t always get a chance for our work to be recognized on a global stage like that, but that was a world-class achievement. The best part is not the award, but the resulting professionals - the people of Clevertech - that built themselves up in the process of building the client’s work. And that’s something really special.

We appreciate the opportunity to grow with our people. We want long term relationships where we provide the unique freedom that remote work can provide combined with ambitious clients that have challenging technical needs.

Clevertech is growing quickly and expanding our teams. Visit our careers page to join us on our journey as we take on ambitious projects with fantastic team members, and continue to bring our values of freedom, mastery and purpose to life!


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