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Revolutionary way for coaches to view game footage and collect analytics on specific plays, teams or players.

What is it

EDGE Soccer Application Suite - a revolutionary way for coaches to view game footage and collect analytics on specific plays, teams, or players. The platform also allows coaches to interact and share feedback with players on their team via a suite of bespoke mobile apps. Through AI and Machine Learning, the platform learns new plays and collects historical data based on previous videos. This tool allows coaches the ability to quickly and intuitively analyze a team's performance and provide feedback on their weaknesses.

Who’s using it

Stats Perform now works with over 500 teams around the world, supporting them to make more informed decisions to impact on-field performance. You might know the Cinderella story behind one of the early users of the tool, the Croatian soccer team, which made an unexpectedly deep run in the 2018 World Cup powered by STATS Edge.

Powered by tracking and event data, Edge Analysis applies unique AI models to unlock objective, dynamic and predictive insights to enhance an analyst’s pre-match processes and their assessment of upcoming opposition.

To dissect a match, analysts usually take five hours to code the game and watch it back. With this new tool, the cloud does the hard work and extracts the details, so it can be watched back at the click of a button. Five hours of graft saved. Five hours more time to study opponents' strengths and weaknesses.

Stats Perform brings the deepest breadth of data, sports research, news and video content, and unrivaled AI-powered solutions to sports media and broadcasters, technology companies, global brands, sportsbooks, teams and leagues, and fantasy providers. With more than 20 AI patents issued or submitted, Stats Perform is the leading innovator in sport.


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