Ready, Go!

You want to get good? You want to go far?

To get good at something you have to do it a lot.

Doing it a lot requires time.

The faster you do it, the more you will do it.

The more you do it, the better you become.

The better you become the faster you do it, saving you time.

Go fast!

Tips on speeding up:
  • Get started. NOW!

Simply starting something can have a powerful effect on motivation. The first step is the hardest, but once you take that one the next ones come easier. You’ll notice that the task keeps popping into your head and pushing you to move on it more and more until it’s DONE! Can you do it for 5 minutes and see where you get?

  • Set time limits and stick to them.

Parkinson’s law says that, ‘’work expands to fill the time allotted for it.’’ Contain your time and save your energy.

  • Take action quickly on what matters most.

Use this mental trick, imagine you have an appointment to get to in the afternoon so you feel the pressure to get the important work finished in the morning. See what possibilities open up for your afternoon productivity and creativity.

  • Do the unimportant stuff really fast!

Set a timer and get that stuff done without spending unnecessary brain power. Don’t waste time on trivial things. If you finish fast reward yourself by doing something you like with the time you’ve just won back. Maybe even call your mom.

  • Eat the frog.

Get the least appealing out of the way and the day will only get better! There are important and unappealing things to get done, sometimes it requires hunkering down and just finishing it so you can get to the important and enjoyable things!

  • Prioritize action over planning.

Whatever you are afraid of, confront it and it will no longer be there to torment you. Planning is necessary, but action is what counts. Go and do it!

  • Enjoy your new found time.

Now you can slow down and enjoy a mindful meal, a long run, or whatever brings you joy with the time you just created by doing things fast!


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