Future Family

Making fertility services like IVF and egg freezing more accessible for families.

Challenge / Idea
Future Family is a venture-funded organization in San Francisco, focused on making a true impact for patients undergoing fertility treatments. Future Family started with the biggest pain point: cost. It has built a dedicated $100MM financing fund for fertility, which allows them to offer IVF and egg freezing plans. In its recent user research, Future Family found that around 70% of their new customers had yet to see a fertility doctor; they were starting the process online, often without the next steps mapped out. Future Family is the concierge service for these patients.
Solution / Approach
They work with doctors and clinics to make the pricing of these services more predictable and digestible, then offer monthly payment plans to help customers spread the cost. They provide families a dedicated fertility coach, and help them find a doctor in their area.
The company has also added male fertility testing and expanded its ‘Touchpoint’ fertility program to include more than 200 clinics, and it has doubled its user base in the last six months. So far, Future Family has helped “tens of thousands of women, men, and couples in all 50 states.
We want to transform people’s fertility experiences from what is currently a costly, isolating and confusing experience, to one that is affordable, easy to navigate, and supported at every step of the journey.
Claire Tomkins, CEO
Future Family partners with clinics to work out all the pricing ahead of time and pays the bill upfront, ensuring there are no billing surprises down the road.

Fertility treatments are out of reach for most middle-income people in the U.S. The typical costs range from $12,000 to $20,000 for IVF, plus another few thousand for the genetic testing involved to ensure the fetus is chromosomally normal. To help, Future Family offers a subscription plan where customers can choose from several offerings and tailor a package that fits their needs.


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