Find Inspiration to Get Motivation

Lost your motivation? Does the world look a little lackluster? Two years of a pandemic have you feeling uninspired? Things you once loved seem boring now? We’ve all felt that way at some point, so how can you spend as little time in that dull space?

Find your inspiration!

When we are inspired we are motivated and motivation helps us live a life worth living! While we can’t force ourselves to be inspired, we can make it easier to find again when we need it.

There are two types of inspiration, internal and external. Some of your inspiration comes from what you consume and some comes from what you create. What you take in as inspiration (or not) directly affects what you put out in the world.

What are you consuming?

Take inventory of what you are absorbing from the outside and find the greatness! Break it down into categories - photos, movies, articles, books, people you admire. Write them down and be specific as to what it is that makes it inspiring.


  • I love reading Malcolm Gladwell because he inspired me to fall in love with English again. His storytelling is insightful, gripping, meaningful, and simply a lot of fun.

  • My friend buys pet supplies, fills his trunk with them and takes them to an animal shelter every month. His act reminds me that there are people doing good just to do good.

Take Away

The beauty of inspiration is that it is unique to each individual. What inspires me is different from what inspires others. Write down what inspires you and what makes you feel motivated - there are no duplicates in this activity. Keep a note in your phone or a page in your notebook listing all your sources of inspiration and go there when the world starts to lose its color.


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