Clevertech Trainings: What Really Happens?

A Testimonial from Davi Garcia

This week, when everyone was sharing for our Monday #weekendwarrior prompt, I got to share a very special set of photos memorializing one of the biggest goals from my bucket list - purchasing a home for my family. As I approach my two-year work anniversary with Clevertech, I am reflecting on what I have accomplished. I can now see how all the pieces came together.

About a year ago, I completed the Leadership Training and the Personal Productivity Systems (PPS) course offered at Clevertech. I learned two extremely valuable lessons that changed the trajectory of my life in some very special ways.

The Leadership Training taught me about how to close the loop on communication. The surprising part about this training was that, while it was great for work and communicating with my project teams, I actually saw amazing results when applied to my personal life as well. Using what I learned about requests and counter-offers, my family and I communicate much more effectively. This allowed us to move forward with our ambitions both personally and professionally. We even have more fun together and fight less!

*The moving truck made it real! We were moving to our dream house.*

The Personal Productivity Systems course helped me find a way to manage my stress, sort out my goals, and get things done with ease and awareness. I started using a bullet journal to free my mind from daily concerns and instead, focus on doing the work that mattered. Personally, I use my bucket list to help me understand, visualize, and see what I really wanted in my life. I had to know where to go before I planned on getting there.

On top of my monumental accomplishment of creating a home for my family and an investment for the future. I also finally made time to take care of another bucket list item - having knee surgery. In about another two months I should be mostly recovered! Once my body is ready, I will check off my third item which is to return to daily Taekwondo training.

I came to the realization that today, each of us has the power to observe differently and gain perspective. When you do so, new possibilities show up! Sometimes, all it takes is noticing that oftentimes we are the ones that get in our own way. We have the ability to make new offers and requests that can help us achieve even the most ambitious and consequential goals.With the clarity and mental space, I learned to create with the PPS course and the sharpening of my communication skills with the Leadership Training I have a dynamic bucket list that has traction and momentum..

*The extended family came to help load and unload. They also made sure we took a break to enjoy the moment!*


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