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We take care of our clients. We’ve found that when we focus on care, the other stuff—the money and recognition and more clients—always follow.

At Clevertech, our primary focus is about client care.
Sometimes care means paying attention to the big things—like meeting deadlines, providing our services at a competitive price, and upleveling our offerings to clients. But sometimes it’s small things, like finding better ways to communicate and introducing clients to new ways to make processes more efficient and effective. 
Smarter, not harder
With the speed of technological advancements, there are always new things that will make our jobs easier, improve communication with clients, and simply help us be better at our jobs.

One app that has changed the way we work at Clevertech is Monosnap. Monosnap is an application for screenshots. That sounds basic, especially if your machine has built-in features for taking screenshots, but Monosnap allows you to do much more.
There is taking a screenshot and then there is making screenshots a rapid communication tool. What does that mean?
01. Well, the first thing to do is to use Monosnap and take a screenshot.

02. As soon as you take the screenshot, the shareable URL is loaded onto your clipboard so you can share it with a simple Ctrl+V. That cuts out a number of steps.

03. You can also quickly pull up an editor tool where you can draw arrows and write a few words directly onto the screenshot–it’s fast and easy to share in real time.

04. You can even do a video if you like.
Why is that important?
In the end, it’s a super-effective communication tool, particularly important for our team here at Clevertech. We work remotely with our clients so a tool like Monosnap allows us to show them updates in real-time, illustrate exactly what edits we’re talking about, and get their feedback.

Well, as much as we’d all like to think we’re really great at explaining ourselves and believe that the person we’re communicating with hears what we’re saying in the same way we intended it, that is simply not always the case. Monosnap allows us to take the principal of “show, don’t tell” into the digital world.
Monosnap allows us to take the principal of “show, don’t tell” into the digital world. 
The implementation of apps and shortcuts like Monosnap goes far beyond just productivity - it goes back to care.
We’ve introduced some of our clients to technology like Monosnap, taught them how to use it, and made their processes better. Finding the best tools and forms of communication improve your business and your work with clients. In essence, they allow you to provide exceptional care. 

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