Cut to the Chase - How Being Concise Can Help You in Client Meetings

Cut to the chase was a phrase used by movie studio executives to mean that the audience shouldn't get bored by the extra dialogue and that the film should get to the interesting scenes without unnecessary delays. We believe in doing the same with your communication.

Here are our top 6 tips to be more concise with your communication:

Name Your Topic(s)

When writing an email, or leading a meeting/conversation it’s important to stay on topic. We’ve all heard the phrase “that meeting could have been an email” but the converse is also true. Maybe your email would make a better meeting.

A name focuses your attention and attaches meaning to an item. Take the time to come up with a name that has a meaning that people will remember and names your desired outcome.

For example, A project called "social media project" is very vague, while saying "Seductive remote work video" is much more to the point and opens up new ideas simply because you have attached a name to it.

Give Clear Deliverables

Each person who comes into contact with your communication will know exactly what you want them to do and by when.

Get to the point

Remove the fluff.

Explain one idea at a time.

Bullet points are your friend.

In written communication, break up your content so it’s not overwhelming

Reading one big block of text can be overwhelming to the eye and can cause confusion.

Wrap it up with a synopsis of what you discussed and the deliverables you are expecting.

Ask "What are you going to do and by when" so that you can gain consensus and ensure understanding.

We want to know...where can you be more concise? Share with us on instagram! #clevertech


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