Are You a Gem?

How to tell an interviewer that you are a gem!

Well, this is a little controversial, but it comes down to words like passion. The gems are the ones that live and breathe software development. Unfortunately, those passion driven developers are not always all that good at selling themselves. So, how can you shine?

The question that usually uncovers a true gem is, why did you get into tech?

There are as many answers to that question as stars in the sky! Lots of times though, people tell the same story of staring when they were a kid and liking it ever since, but that doesn't work! It’s the authenticity and details of the answer that unveil the hidden gem. Saying you started developing at 9 is not a story, you need to get specific and even talk about feelings. What was it about developing? How do you feel when you rae working? What is YOUR story? Each developer who truly loves development has their story that has brought them on this journey. Not everyone gets bitten by the development bug (no pun intended) early on in their lives either, what was the ah ha moment when you knew that this was your path, tell the story of that realization. Talk about real projects and real failures! If you can fail that means you are pushing yourself to your edge. Tell us what you learned, what you do differently now and why it makes you special.

Are you living and coding where you can grow, learn and be recognized for your unique solutions? At Clevertech, we believe in freedom, mastery and purpose. Three elements that passionate developers appreciate and need to thrive. We aim to create an environment where developers can expand their skills and live their passion for development from wherever they want. Are you ready to shine?


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