AI is coming for your job – here's how to stay irreplaceable.

Every few decades it seems like there is a new technological advancement that’s predicted to take over and replace human jobs. In the 1950s, it was the fear of robots coming for our jobs. In the 1980s, it was computers taking over. In the 2000s, it was the internet that was going to make us obsolete. Now, in 2023, it's the fear of artificial intelligence taking over.

But despite all these predictions, humans are still running the show.

It's true that technology has the ability to change the way we work and can make certain tasks easier or more efficient. However, there are certain uniquely human skills that cannot be replaced by technology. Empathy, leadership, and communication are just a few examples of skills that are essential in the workplace and cannot be replicated by machines.

Sure, AI may be able to code faster and more efficiently than we can, analyze large sets of data, or calculate impossible equations (we’re not talking about your grade 10 algebra homework here), but there are certain qualities that it just can't replicate.

These "soft skills" - such as communication, leadership, and empathy - are what will provide job security in the future.


The ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It's an important quality in the workplace, as it allows us to build strong relationships with our colleagues and customers. It's something that machines simply cannot replicate.

Leadership – another uniquely human skill. It involves the ability to inspire and motivate others, as well as make important decisions that impact a team or organization. While there may be AI systems that can assist with decision-making, they will never have the ability to inspire and motivate as a human leader can.

Communication – a critical human skill that is essential in the workplace. It's the ability to effectively convey ideas and information to others, as well as the ability to listen and understand different perspectives. While technology can assist with communication, it will never fully replace the nuance and complexity of human communication.

Practice active listening

One of the keys to building empathy and effective communication is the ability to truly listen to others. This means not just hearing what they have to say, but also trying to understand their perspective and emotions. To practice active listening, try repeating back what the other person has said to show that you understand, ask questions to clarify their thoughts, and avoid interrupting them.

Communicate clearly and openly

Good communication is essential for effective leadership. Make sure to clearly state your expectations, provide feedback, and be open to hearing others' opinions. Avoid using jargon or complex language that might be confusing to others, and try to be as transparent as possible.

Seek out new experiences

One way to grow your empathy is to expose yourself to new situations and perspectives. Remote work provides the unique opportunity to explore the world while working, experiencing new cultures, new people and new perspectives. These experiences can help you better understand the world and the people around you.

Now what?

There’s no arguing that Artificial Intelligence will greatly impact the way we work and can certainly streamline many tasks and processes. However, it’s important to recognize that technology will never fully replace uniquely human skills.

Empathy, leadership, and communication – these skills are what allow us to connect with others, inspire and motivate teams, and effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues. They are integral to the success of any organization and are what make us irreplaceable in the workplace. While it is important to embrace new technologies and find ways to integrate them into our work, we must also recognize the value of these human skills and prioritize their development.

At Clevertech, we don’t only encourage the development of these skills, we offer dozens of courses that allow you to grow into the best version of yourself.

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Want to peek into our daily work? Our coaches recount real world situations shared as learning opportunities to build soft skills. We share frameworks, podcasts and thinking tools for sr software developers.

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    Want to peek into our daily work? Our coaches recount real world situations shared as learning opportunities to build soft skills. We share frameworks, podcasts and thinking tools for sr software developers.