Faster Tests, Happier Staff and Better Apps

You’ll never hear a developer talk about how excited they are to fix bugs, yet the only way to get the code perfect is to pay careful attention to every detail.

Less build time, more productivity
The problem for many developers is the tedium of running a test every time they make a tweak. But testing doesn’t have to be tedious, if your development process includes proper attention to the testing time.

In our previous blog, we discussed shortening the build time. That’s the first step in making it easy for a developer to make quick tweaks and try them out. The second step is rapid testing. If you can test in a matter of minutes, fixing a bug transforms from a burden to a task that a developer can quickly cross off their to-do lists. 
Automated testings
At Clevertech we create automated testing environments that allow our developers to quickly test an app in the time it takes them to grab a cup of coffee. They don’t have to wait overnight for a test to run. This means that programmers can perform bug fixes, upgrades and improvements to each part of the code, test the functionality, and then make the next improvement along the line. The result is precision crafted code with no detail overlooked.
The key to outstanding code is having a team of outstanding coders
Avoid the customer finding bugs
Fast tests also mean speedy response to customer demands and bug reports. Small bugs might affect only a few users or specific use cases, but lots of small bugs add up to an overall poor experience for corporate customers, who want their apps to work every time for every use case. By creating an environment where it is easy for developers to quickly build and test the software, Clevertech creates the basis for rapid response to customer demands. Every bug can easily be reproduced in the test environment, and developers can make changes and figure out, in a matter of minutes, if the changes have repaired the problem. As we repair the bugs, we also add the use case to our automatic testing requirement—making sure to test for that particular feature in future tests as well.
Satisfaction is the key
The other result, just as important, is the satisfaction of developers. Ultimately, the key to outstanding code is having a team of outstanding coders. As with every profession, the best people are in high demand, but when you have a great working environment, they come and stay with you for years. 

Better tools, better developers
That’s why Clevertech puts such a strong emphasis on top-notch developer tools. Great tools make the developers happier and more effective. Happy and effective developers take pride in their craft and create better code. They also tell their friends about their great jobs and working environment. At Clevertech, we’re as proud of our reputation as a great employer as we are as a great software development house. The two go hand in hand.

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