Working as a Remote Developer Means Having the Freedom to Choose

In November of 2016 I made a decision, I didn’t want my work to geographically limit me. The biggest driver for this was that I wanted to be able to travel with my children for extended periods of time instead of always needing to take the allocated “vacation time” to really enjoy our lives. I also wanted to build something awesome in my community without it eating up all my evenings and weekends which I hoped to spend with my little family.

My role at Clevertech includes writing about our team and sharing interesting stories from the people within it: how they work, tips of the remote work life, and thoughts from our leadership team. I also get to plan some awesome events for our staff. Some of our past speakers include incredibly talented people from leading tech companies like PayPal or inspiring speakers that help us lead better lives. I started my career as a developer but I quickly learned that it was the business side that interested me more. I love the people in a business and their stories and when you work for a 130-person fully remote team located throughout the world you get some amazing stories!
Since starting this remote work life, I had some time to organize a campaign in my hometown over the course of three months that showcased the Dream, Girl Film and included panels of female CEO’s and Founders in order to build a supportive community of ambitious women in technology, innovation and business in town. The campaign reached over 5000 people and we had our Mayor, local University and tech hub all support the events leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8th. It would have been incredibly difficult to organize whilst commuting to a traditional 9–5.
In a few weeks the family and I are heading to Mexico and I’ll be writing up a few great blog posts pool-side. I also hope to spend a few weeks this summer at a lakeside cabin at Mabel Lake, British Columbia getting inspiration from watching the kids jump off the dock endlessly during the long summer days.

The one thing I’ve learned since working remotely at Clevertech is that life is really how we build it to be. If you feel stuck or if you’re terrified of mediocrity then push yourself a little outside your comfort zone every day and try something new. Who knows, it might end up being exactly what you were looking for.


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