Clevertech's #Relax and Connect Events

Okay yes, the quality of your work is important to Clevertech but most importantly we just like to have fun and connect with our staff all around the world. There is something really unique about sharing experiences with global team members from different countries and cultures; and what’s better than connecting with your fellow Clevertechians to have some fun after a long day of work. Here are a few of the ‘Relax and Connect’ events we’ve recently shared as a company.

We committed to ‘Discovering Wellness’ together in January 2022

What better way to start the year than with a Wellness Challenge! During the month of January our Clevertech community took part in the Discovering Wellness Challenge which provided physical and mental daily challenges. Through a community of support and encouragement we engaged in a month of health and healing improving ourselves and each other.

We Baked with a Dan Beasley- Harling from Great Britain’s Got Talent

Okay, serious question, who doesn’t like to eat tasty food? It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures and an awesome way of connecting with others. We were delighted to host and cook with baking legend, Dan Beasley-Harling in a super fun event where he taught us and our loved ones how to make focaccia and ciabatta bread. YUUUUM!

We got creative with our wine and paint night!

Art and drinks? SIGN ME UP! With remote teams spread out all over the world, it can be difficult to find ways to connect. That’s why we have to get creative! Clevertech hosted a wine & paint night with Nikki Fuchs Sausen, who gave clear instructions on how to paint masterpieces while sipping on some wine. Take a look at these Clevertech masterpieces.

We had a Virtual Magic Show with Alan Hudson from Great Britain’s Got Talent

A bunny out of a hat? Card tricks? Can you guess our next social event? We were absolutely wow’ed by guest Alan Hudson who gave an unforgettable virtual magic show. YES! A magic show. Sometimes our team just needs a little bit of fun and we are more than happy to give our Clevertechians exactly what they need.


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