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Clevertech truly cares about promoting and providing their staff with opportunities to continue growing in multiple facets of their lives. Our goal is to create an environment that supports personal and professional development for our Clevertechians all around the world. So from time to time we all meet and share some knowledge together. Here are some of the ‘Learn and Grow’ events we’ve hosted over the past year.

How to Build a Modern Website in 2021 with Kent C. Dodds

Last October, Kent C. Dodds gave a presentation on the process of building a complete rewrite of his website. Using the latest and most modern tech, including React, Remix, Prisma, Postgres, Redis, Fly.io, Tailwind, TypeScript, and more, Kent takes us through some of the problems and decisions he faced while creating this new modern website.

Financial Planning with Brian Feraldi

Curious about what to do to set yourself up with a secure financial net? Want to learn more about how to invest your money smartly? Our Clevertechians had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Feroldi! A writer for the popular financial advice company The Motley Fool, to learn about investing and how you can develop financial wellness.

Design Systems with Dan Mall

We had Dan Mall with us to shine some light on our amazing designers. Design systems are tools to help developers make great products and this has left designers worried about their place in the design world. Dan shares with us an overview of design systems, exercising the advantages of gorgeous art direction and the new role of designers in a world with design systems.

Choices of High Performing Teams with Dr. Laura Delizonna

As a company that takes on world-class projects with high-performing individuals, it is important that we make the right choices as a team on our road to success.

We were lucky to receive insights from Laura Delizonna, PhD - a Stanford instructor, internationally renowned keynote speaker, and author of four books Enhancing Emotional Intelligence, Mindful Leaders, Thrive, and Mindful to learn about psychological safety, leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, and wellbeing. Dr. Delizonna emphasized one of the choices teams make on their road to success-Courage. It takes courage to be vulnerable, admit a mistake, or even repair a relationship. We will definitely be using Dr. Delizonna’s tips in and out of the office.


Want to peak into our daily work? Our coaches recount real world situations shared as learning opportunities to build soft skills. We share frameworks, podcasts and thinking tools for sr software developers.

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