Community Events: 4 Reasons why we have them at Clevertech

Working remotely can make staying connected a real challenge. We get it! At Clevertech, we make connecting a priority and we make it FUN. Working at Clevertech comes with a number of cool benefits (ask about our #cleverswag ) 😉 but one of the coolest is without a doubt, the events. We aim to host a variety of events that allow our employees from all over the world to share a snippet of their lives with us and develop a sense of trust and community within our remote environments.

Below are 4 reasons we prioritize Community Events.

Encourage Communication 💬

Clevertech has a global remote workforce that spans across a variety of time zones. Working remotely can easily result in bad communication and working in silos. Clevertech’s virtual Community Events gets ahead of this by giving staff a chance to meet and interact with other Clevertechians. This communication encourages us to talk to each other regularly when working from home and improves collaboration and a sense of community.

Ignite Creativity 🎨

It is essential that staff bring a dose of creativity and innovative solutions to their problem solving. Feeling “stuck at home” can result in loss of creativity and fatigue from sitting in endless meetings. Virtual Community Events create a space where staff can bounce ideas off each other or take a step back and decompress after a long week. Take a look at our #Relax and Connect Events over the past year.

Foster Learning & Development 🌱

We tend to consume educational material that is aligned with our line of work or immediate interests instead of investing time in the areas we have knowledge gaps. The truth is that there is so much to learn and many areas in which we could all use some development. At Clevertech it is important for us to create an environment that supports personal and professional development. Take a more in depth look of the ‘Learn and Grow’ virtual events we’ve recently hosted.

Boost Motivation 🚀

While one of the reasons Clevertechians come to work with us is our #nativeremote work life, sometimes we can miss that sense of camaraderie that comes going to an office. Many times, it is our coworkers who keep us motivated and on track. By giving our staff something to look forward to through a virtual Community Event we can motivate them to remember just how passionate they are about our company and the work they do.

Our Clevertech Community Events are just one of the many amazing benefits of working with Clevertech. If you would like to learn more about the benefits Clevertech provides to their people, click here.


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